TEXSA / SOPREMA APP MORTERPLAS FPV 5 KG Mineral Cap Sheet Roofing Felt (Pallet of 25 rolls)

APP MORTERPLAS FPV 5 KG Mineral Cap Sheet Roofing Felt (Pallet of 25 rolls)


MORTERPLAS FPV 5KG MIN is a self-protected waterproofing membrane, made of APP plastomeric bitumen, with a high softening point, reinforced with reinforced and stabilized polyester felt (FP), and finished with a mineral protection on the upper side and a thermally bonded film on the lower side.


Roll Size 1 x 8m

25 Rolls per pallet

£867.50 Excl. VAT

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The non-woven reinforced and stabilised polyester felt reinforcement (FP) confers the best mechanical properties:
• High tensile strength
• Maximum puncturing resistance (static and dynamic)
• High tear resistance
• Excellent dimensional stability.


It is especially recommended in applications where maximum puncturing resistance is needed.
· MORTERPLAS FPV can be applied as the top layer in a double-layer system on non-trafficable roofs without protection, with varying pitches.
· For single-layer systems, the MORTERPLAS FPV 5kg MIN membrane with a mass ≥ 5 kg/m² will be used in systems in accordance with the DITs and local construction regulations.

Finishing membrane in multi-layer systems for non-trafficable roofs.

· In accordance with the EN 13707 standard. Certified with CE marking No. 0099/CPR/A85/0087
· Voluntary certification of the product with AENOR seal according to the same European standard.
· Quality System in accordance with ISO:9001


· SUPPORT: The surface must be dry, firm, even, clean and free of loose materials.
· It can be applied completely adhered, partially adhered or floating. · To adhere the membrane to the support, the support is primed with EMUFAL I. Once dry, use flame to adhere the membrane.
· The flame is applied as uniformly as possible (the greater the heat, the greater the retraction) along the width of the membrane without reaching the overlap, which will be done later, since it is important that the temperature be the same in every area. The flame should be applied until the anti-adherent film pore opens.
· The membranes are installed in such a way that no more than three membranes overlap at the same point.
· Overlaps are flame-bonded, with a longitudinal overlap of at least 8 cm and a transversal overlap of at least 10 cm, first removing the minerals from the surface to ensure adherence.
· In the two-layer solution, the top membrane must be completely adhered to the bottom membrane, and it must be placed in the same direction so that the overlap lays approximately in the middle of the bottom membrane.
· Installation and measurements will be conducted in accordance with regulations of the UNE 104401 standard.


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